Content Management System

Welcome to Command Centre! A custom designed CMS system for your custom website.

You have probably heard about CMS systems. Today ALL websites should be powered by a Content Management System because it is essential that website owners are able update at least basic content themselves without the cost of their website developers assistance.

Although we provide content writing services, many of our customers update their website content themselves through our easy to use Content Management System ~ Command Centre!

Built and designed by us, Command Centre does not rely on a third party service, such as Wordpress or Joomla. This ensures that the reliability and ownership of your website's content remains yours. This also means that growth and customization is virtually without limitation.

A Powerful Text Editor that makes publishing rich content such as photos, videos, files and links with ease.

Perfect for promoting suppliers, dealers, partners and more. Command Centre CMS offers a flexible system for promoting your company alliances.

Large banner areas on websites are becoming increasingly popular, particularly on the homepage of your website. And for good reason.

Promoting and managing your companies career opportunities in Command Centre is easy. You can even control applications submissions.

Managing your contact information is critical. Showcasing your businesses hours of operation in real time, Social Media connections, directions, and more.

Many businesses either host events or provide services, such as seminars or training that revolve around date specific events.

An efficient news system that allows you to build news articles, blog articles, or business announcements for your website in minutes.

Easy to use system to showcase people, from employee teams, board of directors, sports teams, and more. This easy system lets you showcase your talent!

Managing galleries and photos is easy in Command Centre CMS. You can create unlimited galleries and easily add photos, each with titles and descriptions.

This powerful system enables you to showcase your products beautifully and with ease. With initiative categorization, grouping, on sale mark up, and more!

Showing off your past projects is a great way to establish credibility and exploit the capabilities of your work. Command Centre makes it easy!

Real Estate Agents and Property Management Companies absolutely love our fully customizable properties system in Command Centre.

Restaurants love how easy it is to keep their menus current through Command Centre.

In Command Centre we have created an incredible system for you to publish and accept customer reviews.

Businesses who provide services love the way they can manage their services on their website through Command Centre.

Perfect for Auto, Marine, and Recreational Vehicle Dealers. Command Centre makes it easy to update and promote your inventory.

Share FAQ's, links and downloads with your customers in Command Centre Content Management System on your custom website.