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We believe that, done right, a website is the most powerful asset to ANY business.

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It's a new era of business. Have your marketing initiatives adapted to serve today's consumer expectations?

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Automatically redirect your visitors to a version of your website designed for mobile devices.

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We let our work speak for itself... Please browse through our portfolio of work!

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Search Engine Optimization 

How to Get Found on Google with 3 Packages to Choose From!

So we’ve built you an incredible website, and you can rest assured that we have built the website to adhere to all of Google’s web-standards and best practices for optimal search engine optimization. But now you want to outrank your competition or climb the ranks faster! Not a problem. We have a solution for every level of SEO interest and budget. 

The programs below are designed to optimize the content on your website internally and exercise external initiatives to help you climb the ranks and hold strong organic positioning!

Single Session Search Engine Optimization

$495 One Time Fee

Looking to kick start your search engine visibility and get traffic to your site fast? In addition to the Standard Search Engine Optimization services we build into every website, these advanced measures will kick things into high gear and give you the competitive edge you are looking for to help you crawl the ranks as fast as possible.

Keyword Analysis
Using Googles keyword research tools we will do a complete demand and competition analysis to draw conclusions on exactly what keyword phrases are best to pursue based on actual user demand and competition levels. We will provide you copy of this report for your review and approval.


Unique Meta Data
All Titles, Descriptions and Keywords will be strategically and uniquely written for all pages of your website to contain the keywords under pursuit as determined through the keyword analysis. 


Content Optimization
We will review all content on your website to ensure that it is written to include your keywords and phrases as well as all the title and alt tags for all images.


HTML Structure and 404 Monitoring
Using Google’s Web Masters tools we will do a complete structural analysis to look for SEO redundancies, html improvements and errors and make any necessary changes.


Directory Submission
We will create professional and optimized submissions for your website and business in Google Places, Google Maps, Bing Places, Yelp and ShopCity online directories.


Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Keeping up with your Facebook page, tweaking your search terms to get a better ranking on Google, managing your ads on different platforms, sending out email newsletters…. it can all be a little overwhelming, especially when you are also trying to run your actual business!!!  Well, let us take some of the load off.  We offer website SEO & Social Media plans to suit your specific businesses needs.

SEO $399 / Month (6 month minimum)

You’re either first or last.  Let us help you market your business like an expert by using our knowledge to attract high quality clients, rank above your competition and more.

  • One on one meeting with our specialist to analyze your market, potential audience, and competitive landscape.
  • Monthly optimization of your content on your website including page date optimization, alternate tags, heading titles, and regeneration of fresh XML site-maps.
  • Registration, set up and professional design of Google Places, Google Maps and Google+ pages.  
  • Submission to host of directories that will increase the awareness of your business and build valuable link backs.
  • Customized Pay Per Click campaigns to supercharge your traffic and get you a leg up on your competitors
    (additional costs may apply for highly competitive industries). 


We offer a host of add on services like lead generating custom email campaign, online contest development and execution and fully customized marketing campaigns that leverage your website and social media with traditional mediums and enhance real world awareness and customer uptake.

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