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We believe that, done right, a website is the most powerful asset to ANY business.

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Online Marketing

Is your business taking advantage of the intelligence & targeting of todays technology for marketing?

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Responsive Design

Creating websites that cater to the size of your visitors devices, from large monitors to smartphones

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We let our work speak for itself... Please browse through our portfolio of work!

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Mobile Websites

Standard Features

The following features come standard with every Media Suite designed website

A review of some standard features built into EVERY website we create, which help ensure that your site delivers the latest technologies to meet the digital demands of web-surfers and ensures that your website is the most powerful marketing tool for your business.

Traffic Reporting 

To track the productivity of your website, we will install the most powerful analytics system available on the web today, Google Analytics. This analytics software will provide you with access to extensive reporting on how many visitors you have received, how they found you, where they are located, which websites or search engines referred them to your page and while on your site, where they are going. 

Furthermore, a brief summary of your analytics is available in Command Centre 2.0, and we email you a PDF summary of your traffic results every Friday morning.

Mobile Responsive

All Media Suite websites offer a Mobile Responsive website design. This means that 100% of your website's content will be viewable by mobile visitors. Furthermore, we ensure that addresses and phone numbers are written to be identified by the call launch and map launching services built into most of today's Smartphones.

While providing 100% accessibility, responsive designs are, however, a full-site design, and therefore, often require that your customers zoom to view content in closer detail. Should you choose to go with a Mobile Adaptive site, your visitors are automatically presented a “slimmed down” version of your site which eliminates the need to zoom in to content.

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Social Media Integration

Do you have an active Facebook page, Google Plus page, or Twitter account? There are ways to leverage those networks to allow you to use your website to make that content visible on your site AND to use your website to gain follow-ship in those social networks. At Media Suite they come standard with any website we build. For example, let your visitors share their opinion of your website by including a Facebook "Like It" button on the pages of your site. Adding this simple button to your website pages allows visitors to post on their Facebook page that they like your business, and your website. The notification will be posted on their Facebook page instantly for all of their friends to see.

Content Management

It only makes sense that clients have the ability to update their own content without the cost of developer assistance. That's why Media Suite builds our proprietary Command Centre CMS system into every website we build. Our uniquely ease-of-use CMS system offers a secure login from any computer with a modern browser and internet connection, so that you can update your website from anywhere.

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Lightbox Photo Galleries

You have probably used a lightbox photo gallery. These awesome photo galleries are the best way of displaying large photos on a website. Through the use of Javascript, and CSS, your website can quickly share photos with click-to-enlarge custom thumbnails, titles and descriptions. 

The background of your website will fade dark to keep the focus on the enlarged photo, and users can relish in the convenience of clicking forward, or reverse through your photos. Through Command Centre you can add an unlimited number of photos and create an unlimited number of galleries.

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